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  One of the most crucial and important of decisions a pet-parent makes it that of choosing a great vet. It is the vet who will understand your pet when he/she gets ill and care enough to practice what is now popular as preventive health care.

 Never choose a vet because he/she has a nice smile or a beautiful office or is cheap or the closest (although the closest vet to you COULD be the best vet ever, who knows?). Choose a vet who thinks about your pet the same as you do and always keeps the best interest of the pet ahead of all other considerations. The vet must love all types of animals and must:

-    Be kind and gentle when handling the animal. He/She must not leave diagnosis or check ups to assistants.

-    Have posted certification to practice veterinary care. In Canada they might have a certificate from University of Saskatchewan Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Prince Edward Island, or Atlantic Veterinary College.

-     He/She must always stay ahead of developments in medicine and update his skills and knowledge
constantly. (Look for certificates hanging around the office for the doctor or their staff attending recent workshops or courses pertaining to continuos veterinary training. My awesome vet and her assistants have different papers hanging about the office showing their completion of different training courses they go to on their own time to continue their knowledge in animal care.)

-    The vet must be able to stand by you through thick and thin and give timely advice.

-    The clinic must be very clean and have space for overnight stay with clean kennels, space to run, and staff and sometimes volunteers who love animals.

-    It is ideal if the clinic offers health care plans for your pet.

-    Ask the clinic if they have emergency contact numbers so that you can call if an unforeseen problem occurs in the middle of the night or on a public holiday.

-   Check if the clinic has specialists consulting with them like orthopedic doctors and eye specialists.

As a concerned pet parent you must make a list of questions you need answers to. Spend a little time on researching online opinions on the vet as well, but an in person visit or meet and greet is the best. .

It is essential for you to choose a vet who will work along your side in caring for the pet. He/she must be patient, love the animal, and make time to explain things to you as well as take your opinion of things. After all, no one can know your pet better than you. He/she must be organized and maintain health records in great detail from the day the pet is brought in for the first visit to the day it passes away.

A pet will lead a complete existence only if you, the vet, and trainer work in harmony and side by
side. So, choosing a suitable vet is an important decision that must be done after weighing all the pros and cons.

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